DO NOT Outsource Your Customers Happiness!

As Kitchen & Bath Dealers we are often too busy, right?  Too often we inadvertanly rely on customer service at our vendor to complete the task of making sure our orders are complete!   This video gives some concrete examples of how to manage your vendors and suppliers to make sure that YOUR customer gets the order complete and on time!

Factories can make mistakes in production sure, lets make sure the order is correct by giving all the information and not relying on “assumptions and common industry nomenclature”.   Spell it out completely, thoroughly and the errors will be minimal and your customers happiness will be in your hands, not someone elses!

“Little White Lies”

This video is a favorite among KSC website visitors.  No matter how hard the truth is on you as a designer, project manager or business owner, the Truth always wins the day!

It is tempting to blame others and delay the pain of the reality, when in fact the opposite should be done.  Telling the truth relaxes your client because they understand that mistakes happen. Blaming others is never the way to go because ultimately it is your responsibility.  Enjoy the video! (ps, I credit this video for me going on a diet.. LOL)


Customer Service is the key to success in your Kitchen & Bath business, enjoy these videos and come back as I will be changing them frequently.  Feel free to email “The Coach” to discuss how you can improve your customer service playbook!


When your client focuses on the budget, you focus on the product and choices!

This oldie, but goodie is called “Little White Lies”

Outsourcing your Customers Happiness

Setting your Clients Expectations-UPFRONT!