Seminars & Strategies

While Kitchen Sales Coach will customize any seminar or training course for your specific needs, here are a few examples of successful programs that we have taught.  Be sure to email for your free introductory phone consultation to assess your needs.


Power Project Management:

This seminar I have taught for three years in a row @ KBIS Voices of the Industry Conference.  It is for the Kitchen & Bath dealer or designer that is not a GC, but works with GC’s in their business.  Get paid for what you do now for free!

We go over the methodology, and paperwork to be a great project manager and manage your time and get paid for it!  While reviewing the fundamentals of Project Management, we go into detail about how to integrate this strategy into your Kitchen and Bath business and earn fee income!  I earned 96K in 14 months using this strategy!  Call or email me today!

See this video for more information:


Zen & The Art of the First Meeting!

This was a very successful seminar at KBIS 2016 Voices of the Industry! See the video for more information.

We go over how to meet and greet your prospect for the first time. Using this technique, you will learn how to ask easily answered questions, and relax the prospect.  Using my Role Playing techniques we improve your first meeting results dramatically and best of all, make it more fun for you and your prospect!  You set the guidelines of the subsequent meetings and move toward your goal faster and with less effort. Email or call today for more information.

How to Close a Sale in 4 Hours or Less-Every time!

This seminar is packed with specific strategies that enable the designer to move a prospect to write a check in the shortest time, without “Bidding” on the project. This is about a 4-hour interactive seminar!

You will learn how to utilize:

  • Cabinet Pricing Matrix!
  • Showroom tools to give the prospect information about your brand!
  • Job site measuring techniques to close the sale!
  • Refundable Design Deposit Strategies!

Email for more detailed information on this Game Changing Strategy for your Kitchen & Bath Business!

NKBA Chapter Town Hall Style Meeting:

The coach will set up in a town hall style meeting where questions from the chapter members are submitted anonymously to the VP of Programs.  This insures quality questions that can actually solve issues and help the entire group without one business having to disclose its issues.  We all have issues and room for Improvement.

The coach will answer questions, specifically and the group can interact for the benefit for all.